May 22, 2016

May 21st Columbus, Ga- AGF (American Grappling Federation)

The Kenny Kim BJJ Team traveled down to Columbus, GA to participate in the AGF open and returned home with great results. First, our kids cleaned house and brought home multiple GOLD medals and tested their skills amongst the best. Second, our adults represented in a whole different way. Not only did the...

May 16, 2016

Our team came together and performed outstanding in the the 2016 IBJJF BJJ Pro. We as a small team ended up coming in at 10th place which is a huge accomplishment for our team. Our student and bas a** videographer captured some of the training and key competition moments. Here it is, enjoy it and please share with your friends and family. 



May 13, 2016

In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu there is not a set standard way to be/get promoted to the next rank/belt. Some teams/gyms utilize the stripe system some don't, some test for their next rank and some don't. Which is right and which is wrong? Well..there is no right or wrong way to be promoted in BJJ due to the fact our martial art/sport doesn't have one governing body th...

May 12, 2016

BOPE-Batalhão de Operações Policies Especiais  (Portuguese: [bataˈʎɐ̃w dʒi opeɾaˈsõjs poliˈsjajs ispeˈsjajs]; literally "Special Police Operations Battalion") or BOPE is a special police unit of the Military Police in Brazil. Due to the nature of crime in favelas, BOPE units have extensive experience in urban warfareas well as progression in confined and restri...

May 10, 2016

"I spent solid year getting crushed everyday by younger, faster, fitter and better partners. I lost 35lbs. I am no longer on Lipitor (drug to reduce bad cholesterol). I'm in the best shape of my life. I train everyday wherever I am in the world and BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) is pretty much central to my days' schedule. I often pick locations for my show that are...

May 9, 2016


    Top athletes and performers challenge their physical and mental limits everyday. They don’t wait until they get sick or injured to take care of themselves. They fine tune their bodies regularly with Chiropractic Lifestyle Care.


   A recent study found that athletes who participated in regular chiropractic care enjoyed a 10% improvement in t...

September 24, 2015

Congratulations to the Kenny Kim BJJ Team for an outstanding performance at the IBJJF BJJ Pro this past weekend. Not only did everyone train hard and prepare for the tournament burt it brought the entire academy in unity and truly showed TEAM Spirit. We have several more tournaments coming up so lets get back on the saddle and keep on training hard! Check out t...

September 24, 2015


Check out the video promo of our academy! Watch it and share! 




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May 10, 2016

September 24, 2015

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