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AGF-Champion Status

May 21st Columbus, Ga- AGF (American Grappling Federation)

The Kenny Kim BJJ Team traveled down to Columbus, GA to participate in the AGF open and returned home with great results. First, our kids cleaned house and brought home multiple GOLD medals and tested their skills amongst the best. Second, our adults represented in a whole different way. Not only did the adult team bring home medals but we came back home with pride, team work, and a name for our growing team. To watch the upper ranks coach and work with the rest of the team was something that can not be taught, but something a TEAM does not out of necessity but out of true love and care for each other as teammates and training partners. Our growing team came back with 3rd place trophy for the adults team which we did not expect. We are grateful for the accomplishments, friendships earned, and the lessons we learned from this tournament. Congratulations.

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